7 Coordinates by Joyas Sensacionales

Exhibition  /  20 May 2017  -  01 Jul 2017
Published: 16.05.2017
Roberta Ferreira, Laura Jener

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On the occasion of the Nit de l'Art to be held on May 20 in Sant Cugat del Vallès, dterra participates in different activities, one of them is the exhibition "7 coordinates" of the Sensational Jewelry Group.
From 19 hours, in an outdoor setting you can enjoy flamenco performances, beatbox and even a blues concert. The gallery will be open until 24 hours.

Artist list

Xus Anglés, Nuria Anguren, Montse Basora, Gemma Canal, Lourdes Carmelo Parra, Nicole Deuster, Carla García, Alicia Giráldez, Clara Niubó, Eva Pons, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Carme Roher, Fátima Tocornal, Silvia Walz
In 2008 I invited former pupils mainly from Escola Massana to participate in a jewelry project to work together in Taller Perill founded by Alicia Giráldez in the same year.

The idea was to create a platform, where the creator could find some answers to his questions and not find himself alone in his workshop, without being able to consult anyone.

Now, after almost nine years, I have to admit that this project, which I started so timidly, has fulfilled my expectations much more than expected. In 2008 I never imagined, that in 2017 we would still be together and with such a strength.

Almost half of the artists remain from the beginning, the other half have been changing. Both members who have moved along and those who have stayed have helped the project to become what it is today: a group where the consensus is generosity and good understanding.
During all these years, we have learned to look at the work of the other, to know how to criticize or pat him on the back to encourage him. Personal growth of each has always been the main goal.

The first five years there were proposals for topics related to sensations, such as dangerous, light and many others. The duration of these projects was two or three months, and they served as a common thread that each person could interpret in his own way, experimenting and looking for a personal language. Sensations were the godmother of the name “Sensational Jewels” and Sir Ambiguous was the godfather. I liked the idea of this double reading. I do not know how many jokes I have heard since then, whether they were fantastic jewels or best jewels, but all the jokes are right, what is there more fantastic, better, or more sensational than working on personal sensations and to be able to turn them into a jewel that can be worn?

Since the year 2014 I have proposed to form small groups of 4 people to work more intensively for 5 months in a single project, develop an exhibition concept and show it in different galleries. Last fall we started the third cycle. However 2 or 3 times a year we do small projects all together, like “Darrera el Mirall” October 2016 in the Perill Hall or the “7 coordinates” March 2017 in Munich, which serve to unite the group.

/ Silvia Walz  2017, coordinator
Montse Basora. Brooch: Montblanc, 2017. Alpaca, resin.. Montse Basora
Brooch: Montblanc, 2017
Alpaca, resin.
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Gemma Canal. Brooch: Neu-Schwanstein, 2017. Alpaca, textile.. Gemma Canal
Brooch: Neu-Schwanstein, 2017
Alpaca, textile.
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Alicia Giráldez. Brooch: Montblanc, 2017. Alpaca, corian, copper, enamel.. Alicia Giráldez
Brooch: Montblanc, 2017
Alpaca, corian, copper, enamel.
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Eva Pons. Brooch: Munich, 2017. Alpaca, wood.. Eva Pons
Brooch: Munich, 2017
Alpaca, wood.
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Ramon Puig Cuyàs. Object: Agde, 2017. Alpaca, basalt, enamel, steel, reconstructed blue stone.. Ramon Puig Cuyàs
Object: Agde, 2017
Alpaca, basalt, enamel, steel, reconstructed blue stone.
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