Adansonia Digitata

Exhibition  /  29 Apr 2015  -  19 May 2015
Published: 27.04.2015

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As part of the exhibition programme Idar-Oberstein Adorned two exhibitions will be shown at Villa Bengel under Belgisch bei Bengel.

Artist list

Silke Fleischer, Arnaud Sprimont, Carine Van Landeghem, Peter Vermandere
At some point you look in the mirror and ask: who is this person? What happened on the way, how did you get there? Did you grow up? Is this still you or is this somebody else? You look to this image from different angles, like from somebody else’s viewpoint. You reflect. Who do you see?

Silke Fleischer
"I’ve got seven ways of going, I’ve got seven ways to be, I’ve got seven sweet disguises, I’ve got seven ways of being me …"
Patti Smith - The histories of the universe lie in the sleeping sex of a woman

Number 7 has a biblical significance and it also corresponds to the days of the week, repeating themselves endlessly in a loop… - over and over and over … . 
A repetition that is being reflected in the new work by Silke Fleischer, as the routine of the everyday. The presented jewellery works refer to settings and actions and are questioning a break through this daily routine.

Carine Van Landeghem
"My work offers the observer different aspects, 
opinions and views on the eidos (shape, stature).
It reflects what the mind wants it to be." 

Arnaud Sprimont
Using modern techniques, ranging from nano-scale imagery to satellite views, A. S. challenges the boundaries of his body and his perception of the world around him. The study of pseudomorphosisms is echoed in the perception of his own experiences. Reflecting and blending scales back and forth,the infinitely large finds meaning in the infinitely small, where an abyss of possibilities opens itself up to him.

Peter Vermandere
Peter Vermandere´s works with real matter. He is a firm believer in serendipity, he makes unforeseen discoveries while (re)searching something else. Maybe because of his name (Gr. Petros = rock) or maybe because of 
childhood memories, his main inspirational starting point is stone and the various geological processes by which rocks are formed. He even tries to make his favorite metal, aluminium, look like stone.

In April 2015 Peter Vermandere was invited as Artist in Residence at the Bengel Foundation in Idar-Oberstein.  

Arnaud Sprimont. Piece: My Body Is A Chaotic Forest. Jesmonite, nylon, pigment. Arnaud Sprimont
Piece: My Body Is A Chaotic Forest
Jesmonite, nylon, pigment
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Carine Van Landeghem. Piece: Kaleidoscope. Wood. Carine Van Landeghem
Piece: Kaleidoscope
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Silke Fleischer. Brooch: Hold On 2/7, 2015. Steel, brass, cotton. Silke Fleischer
Brooch: Hold On 2/7, 2015
Steel, brass, cotton
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Peter Vermandere. Piece: Protrusions & Penetrations. Aluminium. Peter Vermandere
Piece: Protrusions & Penetrations
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