Adornment at Milano Design Week 2017

Exhibition  /  04 Apr 2017  -  09 Apr 2017
Published: 31.03.2017
Casa dello Zecchiere

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At 5VIE the collaboration between A/dornment, Bloft and Gumdesign continues with the aim to bring contemporary jewelry beyond its field to raise awareness in an ever-growing public, by showing research and production of those artist and designers working in this area. On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2017 Adornment and BLoft once again joint forces to support creativity and independent design.

Artist list

Susanna Baldacci, Tal Efraim, Aviv Kinel, Ria Lins, Letizia Maggio, Rie Makino, Paola Mirai, María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo, Izabella Petrut, Giulia Savino, Stenia Scarselli, Nicole Schuster, Zeta Tsermou, Anne–Sophie Vallée, Wing- han Wong

The curatorial choice aims at presenting a selection of jewelry artists and designer who develops their research focusing on the volumes, developing original shapes while challenging the space in different ways.
The volume will be represented in its most diverse characteristics, emphasizing the various qualities of matter by 15 different artists and designers.

The exhibition will be held at Casa dello Zecchiere, in the heart of5VIE District, in a strategic position, just a short walk from Sant Ambrogio, Duomo and Piazza Cordusio. An open-air museum with a rich cultural heritage, a crossroads of ateliers, workshops, craft shops, showrooms, concept stores and creative spaces that for some years now sees an exponential increase of visitors during the Milan Design week, and stands out as the district of the quality and originality.

About the Space:
BLOFT is conceived and directed by Gumdesign. Born in April 2016 for the Fuorisalone has developed with the immediate step in Riccione (March 2016), in Venice during the Biennale of Architecture (September 2016) as well as Vicenza on the occasion of VicenzaOro (January 2017) in a new exhibition and entrepreneurship concept, bringing together design and production energies and synergies; companies, artisans, architects, designers, curators all together to determine the strength of a growing group, ready to face the new challenges of the international market.
Stenia Scarselli. Ring: Trampolino, 2015. Silver, ebony.. 5.5 x 1,2 x 2,4 cm. Photo by: Stenia Scarselli. From series: per piano solo. Stenia Scarselli
Ring: Trampolino, 2015
Silver, ebony.
5.5 x 1,2 x 2,4 cm
Photo by: Stenia Scarselli
From series: per piano solo
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Tal Efraim. Ring: A Porcelain Ring, 2016. Silver, porcelain, pearl.. 3 x 7 x 1 cm. Photo by: Ilan Besor. From series: Connectionary. Tal Efraim
Ring: A Porcelain Ring, 2016
Silver, porcelain, pearl.
3 x 7 x 1 cm
Photo by: Ilan Besor
From series: Connectionary
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María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo. Pin: Tremendosdepicos, 2017. Silver, Copper, Plastic. Photo by: Karen Clunes. María Eugenia Muñoz Curbelo
Pin: Tremendosdepicos, 2017
Silver, Copper, Plastic
Photo by: Karen Clunes
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