Amazing Animal

Exhibition  /  27 Oct 2006  -  25 Nov 2006
Published: 20.10.2006
Galleri Iron Inc.

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We live surrounded by innumerable objects. With personal objects each individual leaves his marks and trails behind.

We live surrounded by innumerable objects. With personal objects each individual leaves his marks and trails behind.

Amazing Animal is a group of three Finnish artists who create contemporary jewellery, jewellery-like objects and installations.

Amazing Animal is a combination of different things. One important element is the human body. The name of the group has its origin in the one and only animal that decorates its body intentionally. The human body is a playground for jewellery artist and the last and the ultimate element that truly belongs to us. These artists assume that is easy to relate with their work because everybody has a temple of individualism, a body for associations.

Another important element is time. Through time consuming techniques the artists point out the privilege of spending time. In Western culture we have a right to choose how to spend our time. How did you spend yours? Did you enjoy it? Could your time include silence and just time on your own? Could it also include weeks
of working with something that is not useful at all in practice? Amazing Animal also combines past and pesent using objects and things already existing by changing their ideas into a form of personal expression. Amazing Animal is a lifestyle but it is not the same thing as buying a sofa. It is an attitude - to decorate a plastic urine vessel with silver and pearls or to make porcelain shields for the human body with delicate rose paintings or pin cushions with religious elements.

The group is exhibiting in Iron Inc. gallery in Copenhagen 27.10-25.11.2006.
The artists will exhibit an installation that includes human size color prints and structures that look like cots. The artists invited models to wear their pieces and then photographed them. The models will tell their own stories about the objects lying in tiny beds but they will also protect them. The cots create an image of shelter but also of a place for newborn ideas. Amazing Animal work is experimental. It moves fluently between jewellery and other visual arts and it turns personal feelings into material and makes them universal.

With this exhibition Gallery Iron Inc. celebrates Finland’s EU´s presidency.