In Anticipation of the Grasshopper's Song by Roberts Kolcovs

Exhibition  /  26 Apr 2019  -  18 May 2019
Published: 12.04.2019
Fragment of KĀZAS, a painting by Roberts Koļcovs, 2018..
Fragment of KĀZAS, a painting by Roberts Koļcovs, 2018.

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The Spring of 2019 enters the heart of a Riga citizen filling it with enthusiasm of a botanist. In anticipation of the grasshopper’s song many ideas and fantasies are born, but when the Summer coincides with Latvia’s 101st anniversary, the botanist is prepared for just about anything – be it herbarium, ikebana or collecting of insects.

Artist list

Roberts Koļcovs
There are around 27 kinds of grasshoppers living in Latvia. Herbarium albums are ready, ikebana is well-cared for and butterfly net lies next to the travelling bag and wellington boots.

The exhibition is built around four paintings from the Citrons cycle. A ceramic object with an image of a girl will be exhibited as well – together with several small-size paintings that radiate Koļcovs’ credulity and trustfulness the same way the artist’s own bright eyes that never notice nor sadness nor pain do.

About the artist:
Roberts Koļcovs (1966) graduated from the Department of Sculpture at the Riga School of Applied Arts and the Graphic Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. Regularly participates in exhibitions. The artist has created illustrations for books and press publications, as well as paintings for many public spaces and private houses. The artist’s works are in private collections in Latvia and all around the world.


Monday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm.
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Sunday: Closed.
Fragments from Roberts Koļcovs' series Citrons, 2019..
Fragments from Roberts Koļcovs' series Citrons, 2019.

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