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Back to the Future in South Korea

Exhibition  /  02 Sep 2017  -  07 Oct 2017
Published: 11.08.2017

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In South Korea, the cooperation between traditional craft making and modern technology is strongly promoted and stimulated. The exhibition Back to the Future in South Korea shows work by four South Korean makers who use old and new techniques to manufacture pieces that are characterised by authenticity, identity and sensibility.

Artist list

Yongjin Chung, Jimin Kim, Sanghoon Kim, Bogki Min
For years, crafts and technology were regarded as opposites of each other: arts and crafts were something from the past and therefore nostalgic; technology was modern and progressive. By now people have realised that crafts can be applied in innovative ways, and that using hypermodern techniques demands the same kind of material knowledge as traditional craft making. These notions have led to a worldwide re-appreciation of crafts and inspire interaction between ancient and new techniques.

Bogki Min makes complex jewellery – mostly brooches – using techniques like electroforming, rapid prototyping and laser cutting.

Jimin Kim braids strips of Korean paper into three-dimensional volumes that can be worn as brooches. Added colours create dynamic patterns and rhythm.

Yongjin Chung uses 3D related processes like CAD and laser cutting in designing and producing steel vessels such as wine coolers. The application of traditional metal-techniques during the manufacturing process adds aesthetic value and a handmade quality.

Sanghoon Kim raises bowls and vases out of sheets of silver, and provides them with a decorative relief. Their poetic beauty is enhanced by the contrast between the soft sheen of the pickled silver skin and sparkling burnished accents.


Saturday September 2 from 4 to 6 p.m.