Between Black and White by Evert Nijland

Exhibition  /  15 Oct 2016  -  05 Nov 2016
Published: 10.10.2016
Evert Nijland. Necklace: Trumpets, 2016. Silver, glass.. Evert Nijland
Necklace: Trumpets, 2016
Silver, glass.
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For twenty years Nijland's objects and jewels have navigated a spectacular course between the primal and sophisticated, raw and gentle, historic and modern, luxe and quotidian, tangible and intellectual. By investigating cultural markers long considered opposite, like ornate Baroque embellishments and conceptual contemporary aesthetics - along with substances as diverse as textile and iron, rope and porcelain, rubber and mole fur - he encourages us to perceive art through an alternate set of criteria. In both free-standing and wearable formats, Nijland seamlessly blends the autonomy of sculpture with the functionality of jewelry.