Beyond the Limits by Jorge Manilla

Exhibition  /  19 Jul 2014  -  06 Sep 2014
Published: 09.07.2014

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Gallery Ra presents a new body of works by Jorge Manilla. In this new pieces the artist uses organic materials, like wood and leather, and invites the viewers to find their own meaning.

Artist list

Jorge Manilla
Jorge’s new body of work reflects his fascination with the duality that lies within the layers of our unconsciousness. He uses organic materials, such as branches of wood and leather. Wood becomes a tree of life or the bones of a decomposed body, while leather engenders sensuality and attraction, or can represent torn skin.

In this continuous duality no pieces have a fixed meaning: they compel viewers to seek and find their own significances. And the dominant drive in the human nature of each viewer will decide the side on which they chose to walk, that of Eros or Thanatos.