Goldschmitte 2018 skyscraper.
Sieraad 2018 fair Skyscraper.

Birgit Laken at Meesterlijk Design and Craftmanship 2017

Exhibition  /  01 Dec 2017  -  03 Dec 2017
Published: 29.11.2017

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Birgit Laken will present her newest upcycled and 3d printed work, at stand number 69. At her stand, the CEO of Anarkik3D will demonstrate the newly developed haptic 3D design programme the artist works with. During the 3 Days of fair, this programme can be tried out to feel the haptic system with the 3D navigation.

Artist list

Birgit Laken
Meesterlijk will take place again from 1 - 3 December 2017. It's the event where product designers, fashion designers, food designers and artisans share their passion for design and craftsmanship with the public.

During 3 days, established Master craftsmen will stand alongside talented novices at one of the most stunning and inspiring venues in Amsterdam: the Westergasfabriek!
Here can you buy artifacts directly from the product and fashion designers and artisans themselves. In this day and age, where can you still find the pure passion for the creative process? At Meesterlijk, the event for contemporary design and craft.

3 days a City of Design
At this 3 day event, the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam will be home to professionals from traditional craft such as gold and silversmiths and woodworkers together with designers and manufacturers of handmade design. Your ticket offers access to all these venues. There are unique products for sale, including furniture, glass, and crystal, wooden, metal and ceramic objects, plus wearable items such as tailor-made shirts, shoes (for both men and women), hats, bags, jewellery and other accessories. 
Birgit Laken. Necklace: Reiger and Koala, 2017. Melamine, wood. length: 60cm & 40cm. Birgit Laken
Necklace: Reiger and Koala, 2017
Melamine, wood
length: 60cm & 40cm
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Birgit Laken. Ring: Koala, 2017. Polyamide. Birgit Laken
Ring: Koala, 2017
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Birgit Laken. Pendant: Strange Bird 02, 2017. Melamine. From series: Animaled. Birgit Laken
Pendant: Strange Bird 02, 2017
From series: Animaled
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