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Black & White

Exhibition  /  15 May 2016  -  21 Jun 2016
Published: 27.05.2016

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Participating artists make a panda or panda-inspired work in the medium in which they usually work. It could be wearable, useable or decorative only. We hope you enjoy the magic of pandas as seen through these incredible creations!
Anyone who has had the opportunity to see a giant panda in the flesh and fur knows what special creatures they are. When you spend real time with them, however, you begin to see a depth that most zoo-visitors might miss. A very close friend of Mobilia’s wrote:

I suppose my love for giant pandas happened as a process. Having watched the birth of a giant panda cub, its helplessness, and the devotion and care exhibited by its mother was mesmerizing, to say the least. Then to watch a little pink hairless creature develop into the beautiful, furry, black and white animal the world knows as a giant panda captured my heart. Each giant panda is an individual with distinguishing physical characteristics like the shape of its eye patches, ears and vests. And each has its own personality. Bao Bao is smart, curious, stubborn and determined. She’s a problem solver. Her older brother, Tai Shan stayed close to his mother and was not quite the explorer that is Bao Bao. The cubs that live together in China are described as calm, outgoing, shy, and bullying, and when I watch them playing I can actually see the differences in their behaviors and personalities. Pandas are magnificently beautiful and they are also playful and cute. They exhibit what can be described as joy, surprise, anger. It’s so easy to attribute human characteristics to them. It’s this expressiveness that is addictive. / Charlene Johnson


Please join us for a Pandariffic Picasso and Pie!
Saturday, June 18
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