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Body Armor by Åsa Lockner

Exhibition  /  Stockholm Art Jewellery 2016  /  12 Mar 2016  -  10 Apr 2016
Published: 02.03.2016
Royal Armoury
Magnus Hagberg

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Exhibition part of the Stockholm Art Jewellery Spring 2016, where the Nationalmuseum Stockholm is organizing the main event: Open Space, Mind Maps. Positions in Contemporary Jewellery.

In my work, the starting point for me is that it is meant to go out into the world and be used, reshaped and eventually transformed. An eternal cycle where my piece of the puzzle inevitably needs to find other pieces to be linked to, whether it is people or spaces.


Artist list

Åsa Lockner
it’s about jewelry that can provide you with a sense of security and give you authority, says jewelry designer Åsa Lockner, being beautiful but not pleasing. Inspired by the crown jewels of princes, set with precious stones, she works with different materials and assembles shapes that aren’t normally thought to fit together, and the whole becomes something extraordinary. Jewelry that is your “superpower” your “Body Armor”.
Jewelry, like other attributes attached to the body, has the ability to strengthen an image or a message that the wearer wishes to deliver. It can make you feel safer, provide you with authority, or work as a statement. When I began work on the Crown Jewels series, I was fascinated by the experience of trying on my first collars, says Lockner. It was as if I carried myself a little bit more upright, and felt a little more confident in front of the mirror, and that sense set the mood for my continued work. I have attempted, through work with different combinations of materials and different shapes, to find weight and certainty in every composition. Another source of inspiration has been to study how precious stones have affected the shape in a great deal of the “Crown Jewels” in the world. Shapes and design elements that aren’t normally considered compatible are confidently placed side by side, and the result rises above what could be expected of the separate components.
Crown Jewels is meant for you to feel pretty in, without aiming to please those around you, and for creating a sense of being protected. Maybe, you feel brave enough to stand your ground even if you are questioned? Or perhaps you find it easier to respond when someone tries to belittle you?  This is  jewelry that wants to be you “superpower,” Crown Jewels is your “Body Armor.”


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