Åsa Lockner

Published: 22.11.2022


Åsa Lockner from Mellösaverken, Mellösa, Sweden studied at the Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design. Her works are represented at the Swedish National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden and the Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden: I work on the assumption that my jewellery is out there in the world being used, and as such it’s changing, transforming: eventually into something beyond my recognition. My work becomes part of a larger process where change is the only constant and my choice of material reflects this impermanence. Silver, agates, wood, plastic, oxidisation, heat stained metal. All of these things will transform with use and change time, reacting to and reflecting the habits of the wearer. My 20 years as a jewellery maker has given me a degree of experience in the many different aspects of this profession. I established the cooperative, LOD, in 1999 and reinvented my need for the group dynamic with MADE BY: in 2007. I have taught, held workshops, led self-initiated projects and been recruited as project leader. I have worked in almost area involved with presenting contemporary jewellery to the public with the conviction that this art form deserves a larger audience.


My work has been strongly influenced for some time now by the frail character of our existence. I feel compelled to make work that lasts but am reassured in the knowledge that everything unavoidably breaks down in time.
So does the big empires, the long-lasting territorial dominances. Many of which have been reconstructed in values and ideas with the help of jewellery. The fact that jewellery pieces have been used as a bearer of information for the people in power, as well as a way to secure their assets for the not so fortunate, have made the work an important piece of information. In this last series of necklaces, I travel through time and space to see what areas and periods that have constructed my aesthetic value.

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