Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design

Published: 14.01.2022
Konstfack building, exterior .
. Photographer: Hironori Tsukue..
Konstfack building, exterior .
Photographer: Hironori Tsukue.

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Konstfack is Swedens largest university of arts, crafts and design and has since 1844 educated artist, designers, crafters, and teachers of tomorrow. All our training is based on artistic grounds and we have today around 1000 students and 200 employees.

Konstfack will create new knowledge and be a national and international trendsetter in art education and research, as well as artistic subject and professional development.

We offer particularly promising and motivated students and researchers in the areas of art, design, fine craftsmanship and international, multidisciplinary research environment. Our programmes offer a wide selection of artistic methods as well as critical dialogue.
High quality, humanism, sustainable development and high demands for creative ability
characterise Konstfack's study programmes and research.

Overall goals
Study programmes
After completing first, second and third-cycle programmes, students will have:
1. the skills and knowledge required to establish themselves in their professions
2. proficiency in design work and communication, as well as the ability to think and work beyond the limits of their particular disciplines
3. critical thinking ability, courage, problem-solving skills and leadership capacity
4. solid knowledge of the theory and history of art, design, fine craftsmanship and art teacher education
5. a broad perspective on contemporary cultural and social currents
6. the knowledge required to conduct focused projects concerning issues of diversity and sustainable development
7. the ability to participate

Konstfack has a research environment strong enough to promote research within its branches of knowledge while pursuing interdisciplinary, international collaboration with others. The research environment is characterised by close cooperation with first and second-cycle programmes.
Konstfack promotes understanding of the changing cultural and social conditions to which art, fine craftsmanship, design and art teacher education are subject.

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Meeting  24 Jan 2022 - 28 Jan 2022  Curiouser & Curiouser. Konstfack Research Week 2022.
Exhibition  30 Jan 2020 - 21 Feb 2020  Spacious Cubes by Gustaf Lindblom.
Exhibition  05 Jun 2019 - 14 Jun 2019  7 artists for 7 days 2019.
Exhibition  19 Aug 2018 - 31 Oct 2018  Marzee International Graduate Show 2018.
Exhibition  17 May 2018 - 27 May 2018  Konstfack University of Arts, Degree Show 2018.
Meeting  13 Mar 2018 - 16 Mar 2018  The Urgency of Jewellery.
Exhibition  15 May 2014 - 25 May 2014  Ädellab, Konstfack: Degree Exhibition 2014.
Exhibition  17 Mar 2012 - 29 Apr 2012  Ädellab Stockholm - The State of Things.
Meeting  20 May 2011 - 20 May 2011  A5: Checks & Balances.
Konstfack building, exterior.
. Photographer: Hironori Tsukue..
Konstfack building, exterior.
Photographer: Hironori Tsukue.

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Konstfack, Metal workshop..
Konstfack, Metal workshop.

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Konstfack, Exhibition space.
. Photographer: Åke Eson Lindman.
Konstfack, Exhibition space.
Photographer: Åke Eson Lindman

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Amy Peace-Buzzard. Necklace: Handle (for Abbie), 2017. Carved wood, cotton. . ø 28 cm. Photo by: Amy Peace-Buzzard. Amy Peace-Buzzard
Necklace: Handle (for Abbie), 2017
Carved wood, cotton. 
ø 28 cm
Photo by: Amy Peace-Buzzard
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Hannah Clarkson. Sculpture: After the Dance, 2017. Steel, wood, feathers, glitter fringing.. 100 x 200 x 60 cm. Photo by: Hannah Clarkson. Hannah Clarkson
Sculpture: After the Dance, 2017
Steel, wood, feathers, glitter fringing.
100 x 200 x 60 cm
Photo by: Hannah Clarkson
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Gorän Kling. Ring: Jewellery Be Like, 2016. Silver. ø 6 cm. Photo by: Gorän Kling. Gorän Kling
Ring: Jewellery Be Like, 2016
ø 6 cm
Photo by: Gorän Kling
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Despina Theodorou. Object: Becoming Memory, 2016. Marble, insence.. 5 x 5 x 5 cm. Photo by: Despina Theodorou. Despina Theodorou
Object: Becoming Memory, 2016
Marble, insence.
5 x 5 x 5 cm
Photo by: Despina Theodorou
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