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Published: 16.04.2019

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Our focus is on artistic practice where your personal practice takes centre stage. Unique in our programme is the link between theory, research and practice. Our student-centred approach to teaching helps students become professional artists who are confident and self-motivated. We encourage artists to work together across disciplines. All of our teaching staff are professionals, familiar with artistic visual research. Some are internationally renowned and exhibit their work worldwide. Our University College also works with many famous international visiting lecturers and tutors.
The department of OBJECT & JEWELLERY at PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt (B) offers an artistic academic course, consisting of three bachelor years (180 study-points) and one master year (60 study-points). The course revolves around experimentation and research, for which thinking and doing are in constant interaction. The ambiguous position that the field of object-making and jewellery takes within the world of the visual arts, crafts and design is seen as an inspiring starting point that is constantly questioned in order to develop a critical attitude towards our own discipline.

Experimenting with materials and designs in combination with an inquiring attitude are key in this programme.
Initially, training will focus on the research of the form, the techniques and the material through assignments and project-based learning. Gradually we move our focus towards content-related problems. The ambiguous position that the subject occupies within the landscape of the Visual Arts, crafts and design is an inspiring starting point that is constantly questioned. In this era of cross-overs we find the quality in the hybrid object: the jewel as a carrier of a concept of ideas, not traditionally bound to material or techniques. Through this approach the jewel becomes both Visual Art and design.   

Strengths of the programme
Our academic programme focuses on artistic practice and research on image and design combined with a personal interpretation. The interaction between theory, research and artistic practice, as implemented within Visual Arts, is quite unique and is based on the need to give a specific voice to theory and research in this artistic practice. By means of this integration, extra dimensions are being added to artistic practice.
From the start, through project-based learning, students are immersed in the world of contemporary jewellery and objects, ranging from the technical foundations to the most avant-garde and innovative trends.
The programme follows a pattern of growing complexity along the consecutive objectives to ‘initiate, deepen and specialize’ students. At the end of the third year a personal visual research is being initiated in the bachelor thesis. This is the starting point for a master and may even result in a doctorate in Visual Arts.


Prof. dr. David Huycke: Professor Object & Jewellery
Gésine Hackenberg: Tutor
Audi Pauwels: Senior tutor and studio leader
Dr. Karen Wuytens: Tutor and researcher
Dr. Tine De Ruysser: Tutor
Claudia Hoppe: Tutor
Anneleen Swillen: PhD researcher
Patricia Domingues: PhD researcher
Prof. dr. Bert Willems: Professor MAD-research
Wim Buts: Studio assistant
Previous visiting Lecturers & Guest Teachers
Ruudt Peters, Herman Hermsen, Simone Ten Hompel, Frank Tjepkema, Manon van Kouswijk, Marjan Unger, Anders Ljungberg, Michael Rowe, Ted Noten, Lisa Walker, Märta Mattsson, Alexander Blank, Ela Bauer, Noon Passama, Lin Cheung, Denise J. Reytan

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Lectures  23 Apr 2019 - 23 Apr 2019  Artist Talk with Herman Hermsen.
Meeting  21 Nov 2018 - 21 Nov 2018  Talk show with Ruudt Peters and Anneleen Swillen.
Exhibition  19 Aug 2018 - 31 Oct 2018  Marzee International Graduate Show 2018.
Exhibition  15 Jul 2018 - 08 Sep 2018  Next Generation.
Exhibition  28 Jun 2018 - 14 Sep 2018  PXL - MAD School of Arts. BA Degree Show 2018.
Exhibition  22 Jun 2018 - 24 Jun 2018  PXL - MAD School of Arts. MA Degree Show 2018.
Award giving  10 Mar 2018 - 10 Mar 2018  Talente Competition 2018 Winners.
Exhibition  23 Jun 2017 - 25 Jun 2017  PXL-MAD School of Arts. MA Degree Show 2017.
Exhibition  10 Jun 2017 - 16 Sep 2017  PXL-MAD School of Arts. BA Degree Show 2017.
Award giving  11 Mar 2017 - 11 Mar 2017  Talente Competition 2017 Winners.
Fair  08 Mar 2017 - 14 Mar 2017  Schmuck 2017.
Exhibition  07 Mar 2017 - 12 Mar 2017  noMADs.
Exhibition  24 Jun 2016 - 26 Jun 2016  EXIT16, Master Graduation Show.

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Book:  David Huycke: Risky Business. 25 Years of Silver Objects. Salens, Piet.  Arnoldsche Art Publishers:  Stuttgart,  2019
Call for applications, PXL MAD Object and Jewellery.

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