Between Jewellery and Presentation. A PhD Defense by Anneleen Swillen

Lectures  /  Debates   CriticalThinking  /  30 Nov 2019
Published: 16.11.2019

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On the 30th of November Anneleen Swillen (artist and docent within PXL-MAD’s Object and Jewellery department) will defend her PhD in the arts THIS PLAY an artistic research on the interactions Between Jewellery and Presentation (the University of Hasselt and PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt, BE).
This research explores presentation as an artistic medium within, and moreover as, contemporary jewellery practice. Starting from the multiple correlations between jewellery and presentation, Anneleen outlined a conceptual and contextual framework in a continuous dialogue with her artistic practice. Thereby she reflects upon the body, space, display objects and furniture, digital media, installations and interventions, among other concepts.

Anneleen experiments with various formats, such as tutorials, performances, conversations, walks and poetry. She appropriates and embodies roles and combines jewellery related elements into familiar as well as surprising combinations to encourage reflection on her research topic.

What happens around, with and through something is central in this research. The focus is on relationships between elements such as environments, objects and people. The work is created and gains meaning in the interplay between materials, actions and spaces. Different possible functions and interpretations are explored, depending on how things are used and displayed. Her works are no static entities but in constant motion, re-worked and transformed within the narratives and scripts that she develops according to the context she works in. This way of working is the main methodology she developed throughout her research, that is characterized by a conceptual and experimental approach.

The doctoral dissertation consists of seven art projects, or Show Cases, Anneleen developed, self-initiated as well as in collaboration with different platforms and organizations, the past four years within the context of her research. For this publication, each of these Show Cases is re-thought, re-presented and in fact re-created through experimentally written texts and large posters.

The defense (which will be something in between performance, an exhibition and a lecture) will be the concluding artistic project within Anneleen’s research, making the defense not only a way to reflect on and communicate about the research but simultaneously reflect on the defense as a presentation format as well.

The jury of the PhD defense will consist of supervisor prof. dr. Bert Willems, co-supervisor dr. Karen Wuytens, doctoral committee members Liesbeth den Besten and Ruudt Peters and external jury members prof. dr. Hilde Bouchez and dr. Kristof Van Gestel.

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30th of November, Saturday 2019, 3.30 pm, in the Gymnasium of PXL (Vildersstraat 5, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium).