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Hard to Find

Published: 07.03.2016


New Member of Klimt02.

The School offers a one year Foundation Course: Inner Artisan, Foundation Year, One year Diploma and different Workshops taking place during all the year.
Hard to Find.
Hard to Find
Oswaldo Ibarra
Hard to Find School.
Hard to Find School

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Hard to Find is located in Guadalajara, Mexico, recently opened on 2013, and hosting workshops for recognized jewelers and artists from all over the world, as long as a one year program for people who is interested in jewellery as a way of expression and as a way of living.
We have got knowledge from other continents. We have searched for the great masters in big cities, on the big issues.
We have witnessed the enormous cost of ignorance and the way it enslaves the sufferers.
We have also seen how the one who learns takes off. How they give more light to the world with their knowledge and talent.
We want to bring the knowledge of great masters to the great passionate. We want to open paths for discovery, to show what did not exist.
We want to be the place where those who already know get passion infected and those who are thirsty of knowledge awake to new possibilities.


Ramón Romero, Silver and Goldsmith professor
Paula Guzmán, Jewellery Design professor and Creative Director in Hard to Find.
Héctor Guzmán, Brief and Concept and Branding professor.
Oswaldo Ibarra, Business Models and Numbers for Creatives professor and Managing Director of Hard to Find.

Visiting artists, professors and lecturers:
Ruudt Peters, artist workshop and lecturer.
Hanna Hedman, artist workshop
Katja Prins, artist workshop and lecturer.
Barbara Brocchi, Illustration professor.
Kimiaki Kageyama, artist workshop and lecturer.
Sarah Campbell, artist textile workshop.
Hilary Simon, artist textile workshop.
Istvan Orosz, artist workshop and lecturer.
Jamie Bennet, artist workshop.

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Workshop  28 Apr 2014 - 01 May 2014  Hanna Hedman: Amulet or Talisman workshop.
Dulce Martin Jewellery.
Dulce Martin Jewellery

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Workshop facilities.
Workshop facilities

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Workshop with Kimiaki Kageyama.
Workshop with Kimiaki Kageyama

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Workshop with Ruudt Peters.
Workshop with Ruudt Peters

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Workshop with Katja Prins.
Workshop with Katja Prins

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