Lars Joosten

Published: 31.03.2022
Lars Joosten Lars Joosten


Lars Joosten born in 1998, lives in Lanaken and works in Hasselt, Belgium. He studies at the PXL-MAD and has been seen in the following exhibitions: MAD multiple 2019 (Huis Pauwels Spaenjers - Multiple), Liberation 2021 (S.M.A.K.), Cold  Sweat (1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial). Lars’ work is currently on display at the Fe.Steel Price 2020 exhibition (Museum Schabbell). In 2021 he won the New Talent Audience Award 2021 by Klimt02.


Lars Joosten’s work triggers friction. What at first glance appears to be clean, shiny jewellery pieces, that are well-made out of smooth porcelain, sleek plexiglass, and thick lacquer, are soon transformed into scratched surfaces, with the materials crumbling and peeling off. The gesture of wearing sets a reaction into motion, marking the piece inevitably. When it comes to jewellery, all of this might sound horrible, something to avoid. However, it’s precisely these traces, which run deeper the more the pieces are worn, that offer an exciting kind of ornament that the wearer in fact co-creates. Lars’ work is honest, yet surprising. Materials are shown for what they are, often in their raw state, and assembled through all kinds of systems. Mechanisms aren’t covered, on the contrary. As in his previous works, also for this latest series he was inspired by machine parts and apparatus, which he turns into poetic pieces that play with the superficial to dig deeper. The personality of the pieces enriches with them being worn. They challenge the wearer as well as the viewer to, once again, question the value of jewellery and its inherent link with beautification. Moreover, they encourage us to re-think our relation to the objects that surround us and to re-value signs of wear. By collecting and showing traces of use and aging, these pieces offer an urgent response to the overproduction and overconsumption of stuff in today’s throwaway cultures. Through his work, Lars encourages us to appreciate the beauty of the inevitable passing of time by honoring the transient and altering it into something to be cherished.
/ Anneleen Swillen

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Award giving  20 Dec 2021 - 20 Dec 2021  Lars Joosten. Winner of the New Talent Audience Award 2021 by Klimt02.
Meeting  16 Sep 2021 - 20 Nov 2021  Cold Sweat, First Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial 2021.
Exhibition  26 Jul 2021 - 27 Jul 2021  PXL-MAD School of Arts. MA Degree Show 2021.