New Talents 2021 by Klimt02. School Degree Shows and Award Nominees. 7th Edition

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Published: 10.12.2021
New Talents 2021 by Klimt02. School Degree Shows and Award Nominees. 7th Edition.

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Discover the New Talents and understand the educational guidelines of the most relevant schools.

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In this Serie, we put together the Klimt02 School Members presenting their yearly Degree Show and furthermore one nominee for the 7th edition New Talent award 2021 by Klimt02.

Klimt02 school members
play a significant role because they offer a broad variety of opportunities to students. On their school profiles, you can find course information, artist-in-residence opportunities as well as open calls for jobs in educational positions. Relevant information for students, jewellers, teachers, applying students, researchers, and obviously for anyone interested to discover new talents.

From July to November 2021, we will keep updating this seris with new content: BA and MA Degree Shows 2021 from our school members, New Talent Award Nominees with their graduation work from each school selected by their tutors.

New Talent Award & New Talent Audience Award 2021 by Klimt02
From the participating school entries, Klimt02 awards one of the featured students with a one-year free artist’s membership including a personal artist’s profile & a solo exhibition at Hannah Gallery. Since the last edition in 2020, there has been a brand-new Audience Award. The winner is raised by online voting, with the prize of a one-year free artist membership including a personal artist profile.

The New Talent Nominees will be presented in the Klimt02 Forum from July until November 2021 and promoted in the Klimt02 newsletter and Facebook page.

Key dates:
30 Nov 2021: Deadline of Submission (Degree Show + New Talent Award Nominee) from Klimt02 school members.
14 Dec - 17 Dec 2021: Klimt02 jury team examining period for New Talent Award & Online Voting period for New Talent Audience Award. (vote entrance and more information on this page).
20 Dec 2021: New Talent Award & New Talent Audience Award result announced.

If you represent one of Klimt02 school members, please check details to participate
>> Open Call for Klimt02 School Members Degree Show and New Talent Award 2021.

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