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body x necklace x intention = base unit by Jasmin Matzakow

Exhibition  /  14 May 2016  -  25 Jun 2016
Published: 06.05.2016
Jasmin Matzakow. Necklace: Memories of healing 1. Burned and sliced lime wood, Shibuichi silver.. 40 x 30 x 4 cm. Photo by: Georgios Kokolatos. Jasmin Matzakow
Necklace: Memories of healing 1
Burned and sliced lime wood, Shibuichi silver.
40 x 30 x 4 cm
Photo by: Georgios Kokolatos
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Jasmin Matzakow is interested in the relationship between jewellery, the body, and social context. She investigates the backgrounds and effect of tattooing, scarring, and branding.