Carla Nuis: Jewellery

Exhibition  /  20 Feb 2009  -  08 Mar 2009
Published: 09.02.2009
gallery deux poissons
Tomohiko Mori
Carla Nuis. Necklace: PearlNecklaceBronzino, 2005. Silver, cotton. ? 2 x 130 cm. Carla Nuis
Necklace: PearlNecklaceBronzino, 2005
Silver, cotton
? 2 x 130 cm
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Gallery deux poissons presents an exhibition by Dutch jewelry artist, Carla Nuis as the first occasion in Japan.

Artist list

Carla Nuis
The exhibition consists of four large necklaces from her most important recent works that have been receiving international recognition along with a new series of sixty silver pendants. In creating jewelries, Nuis combines organic forms with mathematical abstractions, and traditional crafts with the most modern design technologies. “Objectifying Ornamental Patterns” as forms of jewelry has been her main theme through the recent years. Decorative patterns taken from 17-century’s classic textiles gain contemporary beauty and elegance by being transferred into open-worked precious metal jewelries.

Carla Nuis. Necklace: LittlePotatoesNecklace, 2005. Silver, cotton, yellow gold. length 80 cm, 4,4 x 2,8 x 2,8 cm. Carla Nuis
Necklace: LittlePotatoesNecklace, 2005
Silver, cotton, yellow gold
length 80 cm, 4,4 x 2,8 x 2,8 cm
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Carla Nuis. Necklace: RedPotatoesNecklace, 2007. 8ct red gold, cotton. length 70 cm. Carla Nuis
Necklace: RedPotatoesNecklace, 2007
8ct red gold, cotton
length 70 cm
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Carla Nuis. Necklace: GourmetNecklace, 2007. Silver. length 102 cm. Carla Nuis
Necklace: GourmetNecklace, 2007
length 102 cm
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