Cheongju International Craft Competition 2023

Exhibition  /  01 Sep 2023  -  15 Oct 2023
Published: 13.10.2023
Hye Jeong Ko. Object: The Wishes, 2023. Silver plated brass. 50 × 50 × 40 cm. Awarded at: Cheongju Craft Competition 2023. Hye Jeong Ko
Object: The Wishes, 2023
Silver plated brass
50 × 50 × 40 cm
Awarded at: Cheongju Craft Competition 2023
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The Cheongju International Craft Competition, having originally begun as a biennale, is a respected competition that highlights emerging trends and up-and-coming talents in crafts worldwide. This year’s competition was divided into two categories: the Craft Competition that sought entries from active artists and the Craft City Lab Competition, open to entries from craft developers.