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Published: 07.06.2024
QianYi Chen. Necklace: I Love Dog, I Love You 5, 2024. Copper, flocking fiber, cotton thread, steel wire. 20 x 11 x 3 cm. From series: I Love Dog, I Love You. QianYi Chen
Necklace: I Love Dog, I Love You 5, 2024
Copper, flocking fiber, cotton thread, steel wire
20 x 11 x 3 cm
From series: I Love Dog, I Love You
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This year, China Academy of Art graduate show presents the works of two students: Zhizhong Li and QianYi Chen

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Zhizhong Li

The metal has a fabric texture and has evolved into free-wear jewelry, which is not only a part of the body, but also a modern interpretation of the ultimate form of the fabric. Through dislocation, splicing, soft and hard misvision and other expression techniques, to explore the change of material and human psychology, as well as the correlation between the body. Free and random modeling is to create different dynamic Spaces on the body. This design contains interesting contrast and gives a free imagination space.
From the perspective of metal process forming, with the casting, electric casting and imprint process as the starting point, the details of folds from form to texture are comprehensively deconstructed, and the possibility of metal materials simulating the surface texture of fabric is explored. The artistic effect of transforming the hard metal material into a soft fabric and integrating it into the relationship between jewelry and body language aims to explore the unique artistic effect of pleated metal research.

More Than Just in the Pleated Series
White space gives a free space for expression, it is not only a design element, but also a way to communicate with the heart. By imitating the texture of the clothes, present their various states. The unrestrained shape, the combination of metal and cloth, give the work a unique texture, forming a wonderful dialogue, just like our inner world, which is both soft and tough, both warm and cold. The connection between the two different folds is also to show the difference between themselves and others. Let the blank space become a bridge of self emotion, let the work become the true oneself.

Silent series of utensils
The appearance of smooth and simple, just a too thin shell, really attracted me is the complex, ups and downs of the texture. Just as the nature of people is often covered by the appearance, we need to understand and explore with our heart. These inner folds are the soul of the work. I think by smoothing the relationship between the outside and the inner folds, we should not stop at the superficial appearance to create a visual tension and trigger people to think about the relationship between the inside and outside and the inside and outside. This internal and external dialogue, integration and unity, just like the truth of life, requires us to discover and appreciate with an open and inclusive heart. The work contains my pursuit and understanding of the inner quality of life. I hope that the viewer can penetrate the surface, to feel the deep power of the inside, to understand the true meaning of the inner beauty.

QianYi Chen

Jewelry is a container that carries memories, depicts blurred memories and preserves the perception of memory. I combined metals with Flock Crafting to reproduce sensual memories of pet hair. Add the interactive style of the toy to add fun and playability to the jewelry. My artworks draw the lives of dogs at home and bring memories and love from life to the present.

Qianyi was born in 1998. In 2017, she studied Jewellery Art and Design at China Academy of Art. And in 2021, she continuing studied for a Master's degree in Jewelry at China Academy of Art.

Undergraduate tutors:
Zhenghong Wang, Xiao Zhou, Xianou Ni, Yanli Duan

Postgraduate tutors:
Zhenghong Wang, Xiao Zhou