Chroma: Jewels from 6 European jewellery schools

Exhibition  /  10 Nov 2005  -  19 Nov 2005
Published: 02.02.2007

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Free interpretations of the idea of colour in jewels are shown in this exhibition,
which have been experimented and have come into being inside six important istitutions for the jewellery professional training in Europe.

The jewel as research has increased the possibility of enriching them with “colour”, not only using gems or enamel, but also a wide range of materials and superficial decoration techniques, providing a chromatic identity. The colours then ( but the non-colours too) sometimes assume a symbolic value, a net of references and reflections.

These European students’ works offer a many-sided spectrum of the numerous professional courses outcomes as well as of the methods applied by each chosen school.

The exhibition is therefore an important chance of fertile get-togethers and exchange of ideas, suggestions, orientations about the research and the high-quality professional training in the jewellery creation field.


Participant schools, dates and places of the exhibition.

Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School
Firenze, Italy
From 10 to 19 November, 2005.
Place: ArtGAllery
Via S. Maria 22/r, Firenze

Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, School of Jewellery.
Birmingham (UK)
from 9 January to 27 January 2006
Place: School of Jewellery
Vittoria Street, Birmingham

Academy of Applied Sciences Trier, Gemstone and Jewellery Department,
Idar-Oberstein, Germany
Beginning of May 2006
Place: jugendstil-villa, Idar-Oberstein

Akademia Sztuk Pieknych, Jewellery Department
Lodz, Poland
April 2006
Place: Central Textile Museum, Lodz

Estonian Academy of Arts, Metal Art dep.
Tallinn, Estonia
From 7 to 24September, 2006
Place: A-Gallery, Tallin

ESAD- Escola Superior de Artes e Design,
Matosinhos, Portugal
From October 16 to November 4, 2006
Place: ESAD
Inês Sobreira. : Untitled. Inês Sobreira
: Untitled
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Kristen Bak. : Untitled. Kristen Bak
: Untitled
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Yuki Kamiya. : Untitled. Yuki Kamiya
: Untitled
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V. Morjaria. : Untitled. V. Morjaria
: Untitled
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Adam Yszkowki. : Untitled. Adam Yszkowki
: Untitled
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Tanel Veenre. : Untitled. Tanel Veenre
: Untitled
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