Claudio Pino at Pearls Redefined

Exhibition  /  24 Apr 2018  -  19 May 2018
Published: 23.04.2018
Claudio Pino. Ring: Majestic Sunrise, 2018. 22K gold, palladium, Ruby, golden pearl.. 2.2 x 2 x 3.7 cm. Photo by: Claudio Pino. From series: One-of-A-Kind. Claudio Pino
Ring: Majestic Sunrise, 2018
22K gold, palladium, Ruby, golden pearl.
2.2 x 2 x 3.7 cm
Photo by: Claudio Pino
From series: One-of-A-Kind
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The allure of pearls is timeless as young designers prove with their fresh and more casual take on pearl jewelry. Studio jewelry designers have always been inspired by the nuances of this gem's colors, shapes and sheer variety and they are putting together their newest creations for our spring group exhibition.

Artist list

Stephanie Albertson, Alishan, Elise Bergeron, Marco Borghesi, Michael Boyd, Petra Class, Beth Farber, Rosario Garcia, Barbara Heinrich, Karin Jacobson, Michael Jensen, Russel Jones, Janis Kerman, Joe Korth, Keith Lewis, Christine Makelaar, Keiko Mita, Patrick Mohs, Gabriel Ofiesh, So Young Park, Claudio Pino, Baiyang Qiu, Kim Rawdin, Peter Schmid, Biba Schutz, Suzanne Schwartz, Brenda Smith, Beth Solomon, Clare Ullman, Sam Woehrmann
The design portrays the continuous movements of the sea, the cycle of the oceans. The ring evokes the powerful waves, while the luminous pearl represents the Nymph of the Sea, standing out of the salted water - a sunrise. I honoured the pearls in my design by drawing out their uniqueness, poetry, and preciousness. Inspired by Greek mythology, these rings celebrate the sea, which unites us, all the continents in one unity. / Claudio Pino


April. 26th 5 pm.