In Colour. An Exhibition of Canadian Contemporary Jewellery

Exhibition  /  08 Oct 2019  -  22 Dec 2019
Published: 15.09.2019
Magali Thibault Gobeil. Ring: Untitled, 2019. Sterling silver, acrylic.. 3.5 x 0.9 x 4.1 cm. Photo by: Anthony McLean. From series: Funky Obsession. Magali Thibault Gobeil
Ring: Untitled, 2019
Sterling silver, acrylic.
3.5 x 0.9 x 4.1 cm
Photo by: Anthony McLean
From series: Funky Obsession
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Colour is a powerful force in our everyday lives; it can change our minds, convey messages, and shift mood. Colour can attract and repulse, express or suppress, and is in every way integral to the human experience. When we wear colour, it is not only a form of self-expression, but a means to connect with the world around us.