Come & See: The days after Munich

Exhibition  /  02 Apr 2019  -  18 May 2019
Published: 08.04.2019
Lily Kanellopoulou. Brooch: Uplifting. Resin, pigments, silver, dried plant.. Lily Kanellopoulou
Brooch: Uplifting
Resin, pigments, silver, dried plant.
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Popeye Loves Olive Art Space invites you to Come & See the selected works of the represented artists of Munich Jewellery Week 2019 but also the works of its permanent collection.

Artist list

Jordi Aparicio, Isabelle Busnel, Raluca Buzura, Xenia Deimezi, George Giannoutsos, Jonathan Hens, Alexandra Herrmann, Christine Jalio, Anastasia Kandaraki, Lily Kanellopoulou, Angelos Konstantakatos, Erato Kouloubi, Ioli Livada, Jorge Manilla, Vasia Pachi, Constantinos Papadoukas, Antria Prasinou, Theodora, Artemis Valsamaki, Anna Vlahos, Elli Xippa, Yioryio, Marina Zachou
Constantinos Papadoukas. Pendant: Perseverance II, 2018. Schinus, chestnut, steel, silver 925.. Constantinos Papadoukas
Pendant: Perseverance II, 2018
Schinus, chestnut, steel, silver 925.
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Vasia Pachi. Brooch: Flowing 01. Stainless steel, iron, formica.. Vasia Pachi
Brooch: Flowing 01
Stainless steel, iron, formica.
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