Convivenze by Federica Sala

Exhibition  /  15 Jun 2024  -  29 Jun 2024
Published: 10.06.2024

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On display is a series of unique pieces that showcase a material connection with the territory. Alongside glass – which has always been the principal material of her research – Federica incorporates the marble from Ornavasso-Candoglia, the main feature of this new jewelry collection.

Artist list

Federica Sala
Federica Sala studies and experiments with new techniques of glass processing and treatment with projects that always focus on the body, the surrounding space, and perception.

After numerous projects that have taken her to live and travel in many places, she returns to her home province with an unpublished selection of jewelry and small sculptures born from the desire to combine glass with marble extracted from Ornavasso-Candoglia, one of the most important quarries in our region.

In addition to the jewelry on display in the Gallery, it will be possible to see the exhibition of drawings and projects that guided the artist in the creation of this unpublished series at the Museo del Paesaggio.

Opening: Saturday, 15th June 5:00 pm.
Place: Museo del Paesaggio - Verbania Pallanza
The inauguration of the exhibition is preceded by a guided tour Discovering stones and plasters of the Museo del Paesaggio.
Entrance (5 €) by reservation:


Jewels Exhibition: 15 - 29, June, 2024.
Place: Al Minuto' Gallery - Verbania Pallanza.

Drawings and Projects Exhibition: 15 - 29, June, 2024.
Place: Museo del Paesaggio - Verbania Pallanza.