Corpus Container: Mediums of the Universe

Exhibition  /  18 Oct 2013  -  20 Oct 2013
Published: 16.10.2013
Parallell Gallery
Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele

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Corpus Container 3 is the final exhibition in a trilogy of projects previously shown in Tallinn and Amsterdam.

Artist list

Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes, Annika Kedelauk, Nils Hint, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav
Corpus Container 3 is a collaboration between the two artist groups A5 (Annika Pettersson, Adam Grinovich, Romina Fuentes) and OTSE! (Annika Kedelauk, Nils Hint, Rainer Kaasik-Aaslav). Corpus Container 3 is the final exhibition in a trilogy of projects previously shown in Tallinn, Estonia and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. All of the works were created in a 5 day intensive workshop in a blacksmithing workshop in Tallinn. The Corpus Container series is an investigation into transforma- tion, site specific performative acts, and metaphysical trans-existentialism.


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