Course Review: Decoration basics II with Yanli Duan

Exhibition  /  OnlineOnly   中文版-ChineseVersion  /  17 Sep 2021  -  17 Oct 2021
Published: 17.09.2021
Ruoshi Xu. Necklace: Tree Shade, 2021. Copper, enamel.. 28 x 24 x 2.7 cm. Photo by: Zongquan Ling. Ruoshi Xu
Necklace: Tree Shade, 2021
Copper, enamel.
28 x 24 x 2.7 cm
Photo by: Zongquan Ling
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Decoration basicsⅡ is a comprehensive development based on the basic knowledge of enamel and dry sieving techniques in the last semester. It instructs students to explore the form rules, creative thinking, changeable painting techniques and artistic expression of personalized enamel material language, so as to revive and recreate the traditional Chinese Cloisonne craft and culture.