Course Review: Metal Craft IV with Zhenghong Wang and Yanli Duan

Exhibition  /  OnlineOnly  /  16 Jul 2021  -  16 Aug 2021
Published: 16.07.2021
Boyang Weng. Object: Dinosaur I, 2021. Red copper.. 19.2 x 4.8 cm. Photo by: Zhongquan Ling. Boyang Weng
Object: Dinosaur I, 2021
Red copper.
19.2 x 4.8 cm
Photo by: Zhongquan Ling
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In this metal craft course, students developed ability of spatial imagination by folding paper. Through paper folding, students prepared for metal folding by understanding and thinking about paper. The sense of space and folding was shaped by paper, one kind of material which can be easily shaped. And the process from paper folding to metal folding is the implementation of the unity of knowledge and action. Metal folding is not only a rational geometric technique but also has a humanistic and sensual shape.