Das KloHäuschen by Claire McArdle

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2017  /  09 Mar 2017  -  14 Mar 2017
Published: 03.03.2017
Das KloHäuschen
Anja Uhlig

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A series of six jewellery-sound pieces play a song for Das KloHäuschen. Australian jewellery and object maker Claire McArdle collaborated with Das KloHäuschen from afar. Her virtual investigations have led to the creation of six jewellery pieces which also produce sound.

Artist list

Claire McArdle
During jewellery week 2017 viewers who step up to the door will activate the installation. The room will be illuminated revealing the jewellery pieces and the song for Das KloHäuschen will begin to play.
Claire McArdle writes about her experiences:
I had never visited Das KloHäuschen in person before our collaboration. But I had experienced its city and I grew to know it over the many months of our association. Through my research I began to stockpile pieces of information about the space. The history, the layout, the textures. I scrutinised images for details that would be so obvious in person.
This collaboration exists through representations on the internet. With this virtual knowledge I constructed instruments echoing the physical structure of the space. The instruments create sound and can be worn on the body.
I will meet Das KloHäuschen in person for the first time when the work is placed within. I am curious to see if my impressions accurately reflect reality and I am interested in the feeling of being in a space which I have examined for so long from such a distance.
Six pieces for the six urinals make up the Sextet. For a while the instruments will adorn the space of their inspiration. During this time you can visit the space and hear the song that is made through this collaboration. The song for Das KloHäuschen.