Design Without Borders 2022

Exhibition  /  02 Oct 2022  -  06 Nov 2022
Published: 10.10.2022
Design Without Borders 2022.
Kiscelli Museum
Tamás Radnóti, Szilvia Szigeti

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The initiative focuses on interoperability between genres and themes. Its name reflects its internationality, regional dialogue, European unity and the influence of individual art forms on each other. The organisers’ express intention is to present the broad interpretation possibilities of design: by broadening the concept, they focus on the creative approach and innovation. In accordance with the practice of previous years, the presented works, projects, and objects combine the most diverse fields – design, visual arts, fine art and performing arts.
In 2022 the works of a total of 214 artists from 24 countries are exhibited. In addition to series-produced pieces, small-batch series of furniture and accessories, prototypes, and even experimental pieces are included too. What’s more, visitors can also find one-off works, object / material experiments and artworks on the borderline between design and fine art. Many invited artists deal with current social and ecological issues such as sustainability or social responsibility.

The selection includes the works of different generations, from university students in their twenties to career-starters, through defining, internationally recognized mid-generation artists to mature artists in their nineties.

In addition to the presentation of regional designers, the focus of the exhibition is on Finnish design. The selection provides a comprehensive picture of the internationally defining role of Finnish design, of Finnish design education with its unique approach, including the importance of sustainability, as well as the openness, receptiveness and creativity that characterises Finnish culture. In addition to artists active in various fields of design and belonging to different generations, the selection includes globally successful progressive Finnish brands in the form of works by Alvar Aalto and by the students of Aalto University’s Department of Design and Department of Architecture as the highlights.

Each year, Design Without Borders reflects on important professional events, so this year presentative selection related to the International Year of  Glass is showcased. A solo exhibition by Czech glass artist Lukáš Jabůrek and a selection of glass objects from the Kiscelli Museum’s collection are exhibited in the upstairs permanent exhibition spaces.

In line with this year’s motto of the Budapest Design Week – “Meeting Spaces – Architecture and Design” – the exhibit includes among others the works of Dutch architect professor Kas Oosterhuis, whose creations are on the border between architecture and design.

As part of the series presenting contemporary jewellery designers, we showcase a wide international and Hungarian selection. This year includes the jewellery of the artist-teachers and students of the Department of Jewellery of the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, the works of the prize winners of the Legnica Jewellery Festival, SILVER as well as the selections of the KHiO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, the LSFDA in Plzeň, MOME, and the VŠVU/AFAD Studio S+M+L_XL – METAL AND JEWEL.

The works of art university students form a separate unit; this includes works by students from the ASP Academy of Fine Arts Władysław Strzemiński, the EKA Estonian Academy of ArtsProduct Design Department, the LSFDA Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia, MOME Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design’s Department of Design and Department of Architecture, the VŠVU/AFAD Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, TUZVO Technical University in Zvolen, and the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca (UAD).

The organisers openly intend to place design in a wider context and to connect creators of different art forms. This is the second year that visual artists participate in the exhibition. The works of the artists of the Hermina Artist Collective are exhibited in the Oratory space.

Organically linked to the exhibition is the TEXHIBITION project, initiated in 2014 by textile designer Szilvia Szigeti. It is intended to promote the meeting and cooperation of manufacturers and designers. This year’s developments include the works of 19 designers.

The founding curators of the exhibition are interior designer Tamás Radnóti and textile designer Szilvia Szigeti

The exhibition will be accompanied by wholesome programmes, guided tours, concerts, and film screenings.

Texts by: Gabriella Rothman
May Gañán. Necklace: The Aquatic House, 2018. Steel, silver, aluminium, paper, resin.. 58 x 23 x 1 cm ; 12cm. May Gañán
Necklace: The Aquatic House, 2018
Steel, silver, aluminium, paper, resin.
58 x 23 x 1 cm ; 12cm
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Exhibition display of Anna Zeibig's piece..
Exhibition display of Anna Zeibig's piece.

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Kiscelli Museum.
Kiscelli Museum

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The exhibition venue.
The exhibition venue

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