Designers in Residence in Pforzheim 2021

Exhibition  /  ArtistInResidence  /  02 Jul 2021  -  18 Jul 2021
Published: 05.07.2021

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»Designers in Residence« is an international scholarship program of Pforzheim for young designers from the fields of jewelry, fashion, accessory, and industrial design, which is announced annually in cooperation with Pforzheim University and the Design Center Baden-Württemberg. A total of three scholarships are awarded by the jury. From April to June 2021, the scholarship holders worked on their projects. Despite all the difficulties and the physical separation, the result is a joint exhibition by the three fellows. Each room opens up a world in which visitors can trace their experiences as a queer child, their search for their own identity in the midst of prejudices and role expectations, or discover a place created from decontextualized materials and forms from New York streets.