Diego Bisso: Residencies

Exhibition  /  16 Jun 2010  -  27 Aug 2010
Published: 11.06.2010
Diego Bisso. Photograph: Resident II, 2010. Diego Bisso
Photograph: Resident II, 2010
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The Private Space By, the new exhibition space in Gracia, opens on June 16 with Residencies, a touring project in which the Italian artist Deigo Bisso plays with visual metaphors about the presence of the homeless, forcing the public to consider an everyday reality that society voluntarily chooses to ignore.

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Diego Bisso

The Private Space By Diego Bisso is presented in five installations that form part of the Residencies project by the Italian artist, in which he reflects on the reactions of citizens to the homeless and how “this uncomfortable reality” exposes the contradictions and failings of our social system. In the words of Ana Cardim, curator of the exhibition: 

“Residencies retrieves the undervalued images of the homeless by giving them an aesthetic value capable of creating a bridge between the unacceptable reality and a spectator willing to accept, as a vehicle for reflection, an image originally robbed of any attractive meaning.” 

Bisso recreates in his space in Gràcia the internal structure of a house. Through internal elements (a carpet, a fridge, a bed, a sofa and a curtain) he suggests the presence of five homeless people with which the public is forced to interact. Through video projections and curious prints, Bisso creates a filter between the spectator and the reality of the homeless, a safe distance so that, finally, we are no longer afraid to look at them and instead reflect upon the underlying problem and the little attention given
to its image.