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Exhibition  /  07 Sep 2006  -  17 Sep 2006
Published: 26.02.2007
Silke & the gallery
Christophe Coppens. : Untitled. Christophe, Coppens. Christophe Coppens
: Untitled

Christophe, Coppens

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Christophe Coppens presents his haute couture pieces in the context of Vitrine 2006 events.

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Christophe Coppens

Vitrine 2006: Mode/Beeld Image/Fashion is a project by Flanders Fashion Institute in Antwerp. This year edition is through the use of images that designers give shape to their collections’ own image. Catwalk shows, photographs and video are their medium. It transcends the anecdote and becomes communication.
The goal of Vitrine is to put fashion and its many aspects into a different context, thus encouraging a rewarding interaction between fashion and the city surroundings.

Christophe Coppens, fashion's "enfant terrible", presents his haute couture pieces at Silke & The Gallery, a space opened to artists and designers, from jewellery to fashion -instalations, objects or other artistic disciplines, in relation with the body.