EASD València. Degree Show 2022

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Published: 13.12.2022
Glenny Lantigua Sosa. Head piece: Sugar Free, 2022. Brass.. 11.6 x 9.5 cm. Photo by: Angel Moya. From series: Nikaule. Glenny Lantigua Sosa
Head piece: Sugar Free, 2022
11.6 x 9.5 cm
Photo by: Angel Moya
From series: Nikaule
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As every year, the teaching team of the EASD Valencia is very satisfied with the quality and variety of the proposals of our students. Specifically, in this course we observe how all the projects have a strong protest and social component, as well as points of view and ways of approaching these completely personal ideas. We are pleased to see that we can provide students with this creative freedom and this desire to express themselves.

Artist list

Paula Garcia Avino, Glenny Lantigua Sosa, Pilar Viedma Gil De Vergara
Glenny Lantigua Sosa
The choice of sugar as a material is not accidental: sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean constituted a scenario for oppresion and slaveness; that explains the presence of sugar cubes in the pieces of this collection, as a simbolic element, and also the title Sugar free, as a result of how I feel as an artist and how I work: with absolute creativity freedom. Sweet, but not submissive, embracing the difference and richness of my culture. My greatest wish is to help women who wear my jewels to feel self-confident and powerful; reassure them how valuable and beautiful they are, precisely because each of them are different and unique. As different and unique as every piece I create for them.

Pilar Viedma Gil De Vergara
My end-of-year jewelry project is a collection of brooches entitled Your Story is a Jewel that tells stories of overcoming and resilience, relating each piece to a story through an artistic composition and the materials and colors with which it is created.
My intention is to reflect values and feelings using form and color as the expressionist artists did. I use copper mesh because its flexibility and malleability properties allow me to play with the shape and these attributes are also related to resilience. All the pieces are colored to reinforce the narrative capacity of the jewellery.

Paula García Aviñó
This project is titled Envolvente (Surrounder), referring to the main material of the pieces, PET plastic, and how this material surrounds us nowadays. With this collection, I merged classic jewellery with the structure and use of a noble metal, and contemporary jewellery with the use of PET plastic from water bottles through upcycling. Inspiration comes from marine flora and fauna, using water as the guiding thread of the project. In addition to raising waste material to the level of jewellery, one of the goals is to show the irony between the beauty of organic shapes embodied in the pieces, in contrast with plastic, a material that surrounds us today, polluting our environment.