INÉDIT 3, Bagues à part by Karl Fritsch and Yutaka Minegishi

Exhibition  /  24 Nov 2018  -  22 Dec 2018
Published: 20.11.2018

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To close this jubilee year, we have chosen to bring together the work of two artists, exceptional jewellers for the quality of their works, their vision of the world and their artistic approach. Because they value and respect each other, it was easy to convince them to share the stage to present their respective work.

Artist list

Karl Fritsch, Yutaka Minegishi
Although radically opposed by their cultures and styles, they have a common central concern, the ring. And each of them expresses in a very personal way a critical and amused Bagues à part look at his surroundings, finding both of them inspired by the simplicity of everyday life.
Acting as a mirror, of us, of society, of our little obsessions (tactile or other), we nurture with this jewel a particular and intimate relationship. It is at the center of their attention because it reflects an image, portrait, self-portrait. It is very human, as are Karl and Yutaka.

About the artists:
At first glance, Yutaka Minegishi's rings radiate an aura of uncompromising integrity. The shapes made from precious materials, vegetable or mineral, are not the result of any preliminary sketches. Each angle of view reveals the plastic and monumental radicality of these sensual sculptures. This intuitive approach calls for an initiatory tactile communion. In the master's hands, these monochrome blocks, reservoirs of possibilities, transformed energy into magic.
No other jeweler deals with jewellery making in the manner of Karl Fritsch, to such an extent that he has become a cult figure of the author's jewelry. Renowned for his iconoclastic reinterpretations of the jewellery tradition, working with childish mischief and rebellious irreverence, Fritsch embraces and denigrates both the historical traditions of his craft. Fritsch boldly pushes the boundaries so far beyond the ridiculous that they reach a point of depth.
Yutaka Minegishi (born 1973) and Karl Fritsch (born 1963) studied with Otto Künzli at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Yutaka had left his native Japan for this purpose, he has been living and working in the Bavarian capital since then. Karl Fritsch left him to settle in New Zealand about ten years ago.
Karl Fritsch. Ring: Untitled, 2018. Gold, diamonds, synth ruby.. Karl Fritsch
Ring: Untitled, 2018
Gold, diamonds, synth ruby.
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Karl Fritsch. Ring: Untitled, 2018. Silver, synth aquamarin, cubic zirconia.. Karl Fritsch
Ring: Untitled, 2018
Silver, synth aquamarin, cubic zirconia.
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Yutaka Minegishi. Ring: Tear Drop, 2018. Stainless steel. Yutaka Minegishi
Ring: Tear Drop, 2018
Stainless steel
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Yutaka MInegishi. Ring: Twisted, 2018. Agate. Yutaka MInegishi
Ring: Twisted, 2018
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