Eleonora Ghilardi at Homi Milano

Exhibition  /  13 Sep 2019  -  16 Sep 2019
Published: 28.08.2019
Eleonora Ghilardi. Pendant: Ellipsis, 2018. Bronze, porcelain, moss.. approx. Ø 4 cm. From series: Ellipsis. Eleonora Ghilardi
Pendant: Ellipsis, 2018
Bronze, porcelain, moss.
approx. Ø 4 cm
From series: Ellipsis
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Jewels from the new Darkland collection will be presented, as well as selected pieces from the previous lines, Ellipsis, Zen and Bonsai (adjustable rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made with the lost wax casting technique, in bronze and silver, with combinations of other materials). Visiting EG Eleonora Ghilardi Jewels at Hall 11 – Booth A 22.