Elsewhere by Bettina Dittlmann, Carolanne Patterson and Michael Jank

Exhibition  /  14 May 2016  -  17 Jun 2016
Published: 20.05.2016
Carolanne Patterson. Brooch: Candle Brooches, 2016. Digital prints on canvas.. Carolanne Patterson
Brooch: Candle Brooches, 2016
Digital prints on canvas.
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This current installation at Jewelers'Werk Galerie is a visual adventure.The work of Bettina Dittlmann, Carolanne Patterson and Michael Jank: a dynamic collection of jewelry, drawings, sculpture, prints, objects and vessels in a built environment of found windows and other curious objects. It is a small show that can take two hours to visit. It is a study in these three artists' inventiveness, abilities and talent. This time, Jewelers'Werk has an adjunct space-next door in a restaurant / bar with a cave-like interior where wall-hung pieces live for these three weeks.