Ephemeral Paraphernalia

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2017  /  09 Mar 2017  -  12 Mar 2017
Published: 03.03.2017

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For the seventh time in seven years atelier Von Gierke-Berr is home to an exquisite jewellery exhibition. Peter Vermandere has been there since the beginning, Annamria Leiste is exhibiting for the third time. Laura Siebauer, Carine Vanlandeghem and Arnaud Sprimont join for the second time. Unity through diversity would make a good title for a next project of this Belgo-German group.

Artist list

Annamaria Leiste, Laura Siebauer, Arnaud Sprimont, Carine Vanlandeghem, Peter Vermandere

The essentially personal works and unequivocal artistic pieces we so eagerly seek to create may be no more than ‘bleeps in the void’ if one considers geological timescales or the vastness of the universe. I believe that within the creation of our beloved “Ephemeral Paraphernalia” our human connection to timelessness and eternal beauty can be found. / Peter Vermandere