The European Triennial of Contemporary Jewellery 2008

Exhibition  /  10 May 2008  -  17 Aug 2008
Published: 08.05.2008
Site des Anciens Abattoirs

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Third edition of this major event in the field of European contemporary jewellery, the Triennial this time takes place at the prestigious Grand Hall of Old Abattoirs in Mons (Belgium)
Invitation to dream and discovery, this exhibition will propose to the public masterpieces of European artists who push back the limits of classic jewellery in a constant research of technical and formal innovation. Diversion of materials and models but also research of refinement or research of symbols, each exhibiting maker proposes his interpretation of today's jewellery.

Statement of intentions, observation of every day's life, reflections on the modern world, nature, human condition, poetic or amused comments on consumption society, contemporary jewellery makers reflect their era by giving birth to new objects that offer a spirit of revival on traditional jewellery. After Great Britain in 2002 and Spain and Estonia in 2005, it is the turn of the Netherlands and Switzerland, to have their creations communicating with the ones of Belgian artists, from North and South of the country. In total of about fifty artists - chosen by Dutch, Swiss and Belgian curators - will be proposed at the Grand Hall, in the frame of a stage design by Filip Roland (co-originator of the interior renovation on the site of Old Abattoirs). 


Homage to Doris Stein 
A particular homage will be paid to Doris Stein, remarkable figure of contemporary jewellery in Belgium, who passed away one year ago. A retrospective exhibition of her career, conceived by her husband, Emile Souply, will take place in special area, adjoining the Triennial. 

Meetings and lectures about contemporary jewel 
On Saturday 10 May, five lecturers: Belgian, Dutch and Swiss jewel designer and philosophers will come and share with the public their experiences about creation and education. This meeting will also be the occasion to take stock of the situation of contemporary jewellery in Europe.