Everything is Anything and Nothing by Rudee Tancharoen

Exhibition  /  25 Nov 2016  -  30 Dec 2016
Published: 17.11.2016

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A couple of little birds build a nest in our front yard. A squirrel comes. The birds do their best to chase away the squirrel. The squirrel quickly finishes all four tiny baby birds in the nest and leaves. Everything goes back to where it begins. No one ever questions why and life goes on. Nature is beautiful and interesting. We, human, are part of nature. By observing nature, it guides me closer to understand myself. Everything is Anything and Nothing is a result of an attempt to search for forms or matters that represent the existence and the non existence simultaneously. The main material used in this work is fine dust of recycle paper which is a waste from a factory produces paper core from recycle paper. The exhibition consists of 3 groups of work.