False Flat

Exhibition  /  20 Apr 2013  -  18 May 2013
Published: 21.01.2015
Ubi Gallery
Machtelt Schelling
You Ra Kim. Necklace: Untitled, 2013. Enamel on copper, silver. You Ra Kim
Necklace: Untitled, 2013
Enamel on copper, silver
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Fresh, fun and a bit more than flat. You are welcome to find the new collection in Ubi Gallery.

Artist list

22 design, Lise Lefebvre, You Ra Kim, byAmt
Lise Lefebvre (FR / NL)
Lise Lefebvre is French and completed her master degree at the Design Academy of Eindhoven.  She started her own design studio in Amsterdam in 2010 and since that moment has developed an interesting portfolio of clients. Besides her own design work, she teaches at the Art Academy of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Her work has been displayed in many exhibitions in the Netherlands, USA and Japan.
Pearl Necklace is an iconic classic necklace, translated into a flat, laser-cut textile version. Using a digitally controlled laser beam, the edges of the necklace are melted out of the textile. To wear, simply peel off the negative space.

byAmt (NL / USA)
byAmt is founded by Alissia who raised in the Netherlands and studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven as well as in America. The objects of byAmt share the same quirky sensibility: a twist on an iconic form or a surprising use of a material. The 3d-printed pieces with ball joints are innovative and striking. We also have her famous silhouette rings and bracelets. The Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring is a design classic, symbol of marital bliss and an emblem of our status-obsessed culture. They come in different colors. The colors can also add a layer of meaning to the ring. In some cultures, yellow signifies jealousy or infidelity. Red is passion, love, and strength. Green is associated with wealth and youth. The rings can also be stacked in twos or threes for an even bigger statement.

22 design (TW)
22DesignStudio is based in Taipei and started in 2005. The string collection of 22design are inspired on the traditional Chinese red strings, people wear to safeguard their good health and true love. You can find contemporary versions of the strings in several colours.

You Ra Kim (KR)
YouRa Kim is trained as a visual artists and a jewellerist in Korea, USA and Pforzheim Germany. She specializes in working with enamel and despite the difficult technique she is able to create beautiful detailed designs. She plays with the costume jewellery from the past and uses those designs for creating contemporary pieces in black and white. The silver setting of the enamel is completely integrated and turns her work into more than just the necklace or the functional pin. The reverse side of her pieces receive as much attention as the front.
Lise Lefebvre. Necklace: Pearl, 2013. Laser cut fabric. Lise Lefebvre
Necklace: Pearl, 2013
Laser cut fabric
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22 design. Necklace: Untitled, 2013. String, wire. 22 design
Necklace: Untitled, 2013
String, wire
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byAmt. Ring: Diamond Silhoutte, 2013. Acrylic. byAmt
Ring: Diamond Silhoutte, 2013
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