Favourites. The Exhibition of the 16th HammerClub Meeting

Exhibition  /  04 May 2018  -  04 Aug 2018
Published: 09.04.2018
Favourites. The Exhibition of the 16th HammerClub Meeting.
Christiane Weber-Stöber
Ru Runeberg. Object: Cougar, 2017. 925 silver, glass.. Photo by: V. Lindqvist. Ru Runeberg
Object: Cougar, 2017
925 silver, glass.
Photo by: V. Lindqvist
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The HammerClub is a loose association of international metal designers and silversmiths. Members have been meeting annually at different locations in Europe, since 2002, for professional exchange. In the past two years, the meeting was held in Pforzheim (2017) and Schwäbisch Gmünd (2016). Copenhagen and Trondheim have also served as venues, before. Alongside an exhibition and the collaborative smithing of a bowl, professional exchange and talks by Rudolf Bott (D), David Huycke (B), Michael Rowe (GB), and others, are at the centre of the HammerClub meeting. This year's meeting is scheduled from May 4th to 6th, in Hanau. Events are held in the Staatliche Zeichenakademie, the Marienkirche, as well as the German Goldsmiths' House.
90 artists from 18 nations have signed up for the exhibition favourites, with over 100 pieces. Alongside many German artists, the Scandinavian countries, Asia, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Austria, and the USA are also represented. Submitted works do not only cover classic everyday equipment, such as teapots, bowls, boxes, vases, champagne coolers, candlesticks, and napkin rings. Imaginative objects, with auspicious names like Desire for friends, Quirky duo, Dryades Spondi, Quantum Superposition is Bohring, or Delightful collective, can also be found. On closer inspection and involvement of the statements, the secretive messages can be decrypted.
In terms of material choice, besides silver (especially fine silver), brass, copper, titanium, tantalum, tombac, and niello are also worked with. Furthermore, chestnut-, maple-, beech-, and oak wood are used, as well as dried lemon peel, glass, or varnish. Particularly noticeable are the broad spectrum of surface designs and the playful incorporation of geometrical shapes - triangle, pentagon, circle, square, and hemisphere. Alongside objects of use with technoid character, more poetic accessories, such as a small lemon box or a box for secret wishes are also represented in the exhibition. Works by internationally renowned artists like Carsten From Andersen (DK), Barbara Amstutz (CH), Georges Cuyvers (B), Paul Derrez (NL), Yuki Ferdinandsen (DK), Karina Gill (GB), Allan Scharff (DK), Ru Runeberg (FI), Beate Leonards (D), Maja Houtman (NL) - to name just a few - are shown. However, local silversmiths and metal designers, as well as young artists are also included in the show.
The HammerClub in Hanau is organized by Andreas Decker, Bruno Sievering-Tornow, and Martina Tornow.
An accompanying publication will be available at the price of 10€.
Besides the exhibition in the Silver Hall, the Goldsmiths' House is showing works from its collection to continue the series Artists of the month (May 4th to June 30th, 2018). Presented are works by two HammerClub referents. Gold- and silversmith Rudolf Bott's (*1956, living and working in Kirchbuch) award-winning napkin rings, and various bowls by David Huycke (*1967, teaching in Hasselt, Belgium) will be on display.
Barbara Amstutz. Vase: Fünfeck, 2017. 925 Silver.. Photo by: Knud Dobberke. Barbara Amstutz
Vase: Fünfeck, 2017
925 Silver.
Photo by: Knud Dobberke
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Caroline Krose. Object: Zitronendöschen, 2017. Dried lemon, silver.. Photo by: Caroline Krose. Caroline Krose
Object: Zitronendöschen, 2017
Dried lemon, silver.
Photo by: Caroline Krose
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Tobias Mendoza. Object: Volle Kanne, 2018. 925 silver.. Photo by: Andreas Decker. Tobias Mendoza
Object: Volle Kanne, 2018
925 silver.
Photo by: Andreas Decker
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Conrad Stütz. Vessel: Schräges Trio, 2018. 925 silver.. Photo by: G. Baumann. Conrad Stütz
Vessel: Schräges Trio, 2018
925 silver.
Photo by: G. Baumann
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Annette Zey. Bowl: Gewölle, 2017. Copper. Photo by: Annette Zey. Annette Zey
Bowl: Gewölle, 2017
Photo by: Annette Zey
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Maja Houtman. Bowl: Handsome, 2016. Silver. 12 x 12 x 6 cm. Photo by: A10design. Maja Houtman
Bowl: Handsome, 2016
12 x 12 x 6 cm
Photo by: A10design
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Maja Houtman. Bowl: Poids Plume, 2016. Silver. 14 x 14 x 6 cm. Photo by: A10design. Maja Houtman
Bowl: Poids Plume, 2016
14 x 14 x 6 cm
Photo by: A10design
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