Exhibition  /  27 Jun 2008  -  24 Jul 2008
Published: 20.06.2008
Bussi Buhs. Brooch: Blaue Kalamität, 2008. Plastic. Bussi Buhs
Brooch: Blaue Kalamität, 2008
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Bussi Buhs shows her 4th. collection of plastic jewellery called FRAGENFRAGMENTE at the Gallery Biro in Munich..
The German artist Bussi Buhs exclusively uses synthetic materials, and understands the infinite possibilities of transforming them suitably into her symbolist language. She chooses polyesters, glass fibre and film to produce a material which is at the same time liquescent yet sedimented, aerial and volatile, capable of rendering the most subtle anatomic organigrams of the body, evoking the uncertain boundaries between physicity and spirituality.