Fragmente - Fragments

Exhibition  /  31 Mar 2017  -  13 May 2017
Published: 29.03.2017
Iris Merkle. Object: LeSacre #2, 2016. Clay, butterfly ashes, rubber.. 4,5 x 9 cm. Photo by: David Binder. From series: LeSacre. Iris Merkle
Object: LeSacre #2, 2016
Clay, butterfly ashes, rubber.
4,5 x 9 cm
Photo by: David Binder
From series: LeSacre
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A fragment denotes a detached part of a thing, an unfinished work of art. Further associations on the subject are; a series, a moment, part of the whole, a fragment or found piece, a memory, microcosm and macrocosm, a snapshot.