Frame Selected Galleries at Handwerk & Design 2020 in Munich

Exhibition  /  Collecting   Exhibiting   Curating   Galleries   MunichJewelleryWeek2020  /  11 Mar 2020  -  15 Mar 2020
Published: 17.12.2019

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The special display entitled FRAME is where renowned international galleries present themselves with works in the fields of jewellery, ceramics and textiles. Located in the direct vicinity of the international exhibitions SCHMUCK, EXEMPLA, TALENTE and MEISTER DER MODERNE. The presence of the special display areas further enhances the profile of the Internationale Handwerksmesse and «Handwerk & Design».
A reason for the jewellery scene to make the move from New Zealand through North America and all the way to Munich are the prestigious international galleries, which, under the title FRAME, set the stage for SCHMUCK like a splendid decoration and can only be experienced together at Internationale Handwerksmesse and «Handwerk & Design».

For the 2019 edition the selected galleries are as it follows: and Book Shop: