Frozen Moment. The Night by Jelizaveta Suska

Exhibition  /  22 Oct 2017  -  09 Dec 2017
Published: 17.10.2017
Galerie Beyond
Karin De Buysere, René Darmont
Jelizaveta Suska. Brooch: Frozen Moment, 2017. Resin, pigment, crushed stone, silver. Photo by: Jelizaveta Suska. Jelizaveta Suska
Brooch: Frozen Moment, 2017
Resin, pigment, crushed stone, silver
Photo by: Jelizaveta Suska
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You have probably heard of the fairytale Thumbelina written by Hans Christian Andersen. When I was a child I imagined myself being as tiny as her,  the gigantic world seemed to me to be more beautiful and full of tempting adventures. I still think that, sometimes. 

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Jelizaveta Suska

It's striking where our imagination can take us. When I work on my jewelry I aim to be a demiurge, to create my own new world. At times, I craft my works so that if I were to become tiny and drop onto my jewelry, I would see a marvelous landscape. Such associations, are for me a vessel that transfer idea to the material. 

Frozen Moment - The Night 
I’ve always been fascinated by the ambiance that you can sense in any space that is entered. Similarly to Shinto – the indigenous religion of Japan, where many objects have their own spiritual essence. I would call it a ghost.Frozen Moment – The Night pieces are a lot about the concept of what memory is leaving us with or of a moment in time. While making Night edition I was also thinking about feeling that night gives to me: it's cold, dark and full of mystery and fears. I was looking for materialization of these abstract matters. I based it on associations and feelings. After a period of research, I came up with my own material, that the pieces are made of. This material has two main compounds: polymer, that is lightweight and gives color, just like 'a moment' leaves an impression and magma sand, that creates an illusion of a solid stone – material that I strongly associate with the concept of memory. In my work, I use a lot of color that is an expression of another spectrum, a spectrum of emotions. The Night edition is characterized by black mixed with dark shades of blue, red and yellow. 

I am using same techniques and approach as I designed earlier at the same time expanding and exploring more. In the beginning of crafting each piece, the material is hot and dynamic but in a while, it turns still. Like another metaphor of a moment becoming a memory. When looking at my works, people often are saying that they look like ice, unknown minerals or minuscule surreal landscapes. 
I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels I celebrate the idea behind the material. That's why for the rear of the brooches and other supporting details I use valuable metals like gold and titanium. All brooches are unique.

/ Jelizaveta Suska