Gallery S O at Collect

Exhibition  /  14 May 2010  -  17 May 2010
Published: 27.04.2010

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We welcome you to visit Gallery S O during Collect 2010, the annual fair for contemporary craft. Gallery S O's main focus is the contemporary object, which through an inherent grace of form and materials is able to convey diverse narratives to reflect, not trends and styles, but the attitudes and expressive intentions of the artist/maker.
GALLERY S O is participating at Collect 2010 - annual fair for contemporary craft.

Represented artists: Peter Bauhuis, jewellery / David Clarke, metal / Christian Gonzenbach, ceramics/objects Andi Gut, jewellery / Simone ten Hompel, metal / Kimiaki Kageyama, jewellery / Mah Rana, jewellery / Michael Rowe, metal / Bernhard Schobinger, jewellery / Hans Stofer, jewellery / Manuel Vilhena, jewellery