Garden City by Nikolay Sardamov and Vencislava Vasileva

Exhibition  /  18 Mar 2015  -  01 Apr 2015
Published: 07.03.2015
Ventsislava Vasilev. Photograph: Untitled, 2015. Ventsislava Vasilev
Photograph: Untitled, 2015
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Testa Gallery presents the first exhibition of the year, with a collaboration between the jeweller Nikolay Sardamov and the photographer Vencislava Vasileva. The artists developed the project "Garden City",  a personal space in terms of emotional experience.

Artist list

Nikolay Sardamov, Ventsislava Vasileva
“Garden city”  is the first joint project of Nikolay Sardamov and Ventsislava Vasileva. Despite working in different fields, they have collaborated for years, so it is no surprise how natural, easy and harmonious the interplay between jewellery and photography is in this presentation. As an element of urban environment, city parks are not only social, but also personal space in terms of emotional experience – space where different moods and needs are projected. Following their own rhythm, emotion and aesthetics, each author builds their own image of the “garden city”.

For Nikolay Sardamov the “garden city” is an aesthetic experience, a place inspiring with the harmonious interplay between the natural beauty of plants and their geometric subordination. In order to develop this sense of symbiosis between geometric and organic in this collection he again uses the circle as the main starting element. Through its multiple and systematic repetition the base forms of each piece are created. From these base forms Nikolay Sardamov builds up complex, unexpected and exciting compositions. At this level the geometric presence seems no longer to be in the lead, whereas the sense of organic city gets stronger. It is most easily detected in the delicate and harmonious finale – an aesthetic combination of rock crystal and gold. The “Garden city” collection includes necklaces and earrings. The pieces are initially built in wax and afterwards cast in silver.

Vencislava Vasileva’s “Garden city” is a place of solitude. A place where silence allows you to be alone with yourself, to hear your own thoughts. A place which energizes you with its aesthetics and tranquility. There you can “stop” for a moment. And then “go on”, taking away images, fragrances and noises. Vencislava Vasileva presents her “garden city” in a series of eight photographs, including large format portrait photographs and landscapes as well as background fragments in small format.
Landscapes are color imprints of digital images taken with a smartphone. Portraits are taken with an analog camera of medium format.

The idea is not to contrast them, but to build an integral vision of the emotional and aesthetic experience related to the “Garden city” project.
Nikolay Sardamov. Necklace: Untitled, 2015. Nikolay Sardamov
Necklace: Untitled, 2015
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